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Hydroplane boat

Hydroplane Boats: Which Hull Do You Choose

Many people are interested in hydroplane boats. These boats are sleek and sassy and sail across the water with ease. There are several variations in these boats and many people who want to use them have the kind of boats they are looking for when they choose to get some of these magnificent sport vehicles.

Some of the earliest designs were stepped or wooden hulls, but as the designs changed, the boats were crafted differently. RC hydroplane boats can often be built as kits whereas the most commonly used materials are epoxy and fiberglass hulls.

Plastic hulls are not recommended for use as they require more torque to get in the water and are more difficult to use.  There is a choice of hulls with fullsize boats. Some of the following hulls are most commonly used in modern boat building..


The catamaaran is the style that many people use because it helps the boat go faster. It is a pretty simple design consisting of two outriggers in the back. It is noticeably faster than the standard style of hydroplane boats, and really cuts down on the wave resistance. It is most often used for racing, and short hauls.  Here is the view from a GoPro on how fast they can go.

Standard or V Hull

This is the style that is favored by those who want more stability with the craft and has been used successfully by many people who are interested in using these very fast crafts. The difference between these two hulls are few but these hulls tend to be more stable and good for the long haul. Some people use a combination of hulls such as a cat with a hydroplane or V hull.


The canard is one of the newer designs consisting of two small sponsons on the back. This is one of the newer designs in hydroplanes, but the basic design of the boat has changed little over the years. It is really up to you as to which design you prefer. The catamaran style seems to be the faster, and the one that people tend to prefer the most when they are racing. It is really up to the individual as to what kind of hull they prefer though. they all have their merits.

A variety of style of boat hulls and materials are available to meet your needs, so really it is about personal preferences and the way you want to use your particular boat. Take the time to read about the subject before deciding on a boat hull that will meet your needs.